Animal Big Brother 2011

Once again, it is the time of year for a social experiment involving a group of “interesting” individuals in a house and observing how they interact over time. What normally ensues are arguments over everything and everything, torments of the heart and playing games (whether that be mind games or running around the house as Wizard of Oz characters!)

Many people wish to take part in Big Brother every year. But would you ever want to enter the house if the other contestants were as bad mannered as some found in the animal world? Take a look at these antisocial characters and decide which house you would rather live in or be watching!

Smelliest – you are going to be sharing a small space, for a long time and sharing it with a stinker is not going to be pleasant! Many animals produce a fowl smelling odor as defense mechanism, but one of the smelliest animals has to be the striped polecat. Found in Africa (by smell, from half a mile away!) The striped polecat fires secretions from their anal glands to deter predators. In a small house where arguments can make someone feel threatened, I would not want to risk this stink bomb going off!

Dangerous – wanting to stick it out for the entire show is most of the contestants’ top priority. However, if there are others in the house willing to remove you from the competition, then your chances of succeeding are unlikely! Most people would guess lions, hippos, crocodiles or snakes kill the most people/year due to their reputations. When in fact, it is the tiny female mosquito (only 16mm long) that kills more people/year infecting them with deadly diseases such as malaria. A tiny species, but packs a mighty punch!

Promiscuous – love is in the air every year in the Big Brother house. But in the natural world, even the biggest love rat would have competition from the mouse – like marsupial, the antechinus. The female of this polygamous species will mate with multiple males during each breeding season resulting in multiple paternity of the litter. Mating can last up to 12 hours and the males put so much effort into it, they often die due to exhaustion!

Diet – housemates always argue over the shopping budget due to people having special diets or wanting luxuries. Can you imagine the colossal shopping bill if there was a Big Brother house that could cater for a blue whale? At 25 to 32m long, these mammals can eat approximately 4 tons of krill per day! I don’t think even the greediest housemate could demand this much food!

By Haley Dolton

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  1. Yay! I love your blog! I love animals and learning facts about animals. What an awesome idea. This entry is especially fun. That blue whale is such a fatty. 😉
    Thank you for “liking” my post. 😀

  2. Thanks very much! 🙂 no worries!


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